Grandex Ultimate Woman – Female Libido & Fertility Booster

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  • Promotes Fertility (100%)
  • Increases Libido (100%)
  • Increases sensual sensitivity in and around the female sexual organs
  • Heightens orgasm and Promotes ovulation
  • 100% Natural Without Side Effect
  • Increases blood circulation


A pack of 30 capsules


  • Model: Fertility supplement
  • Product Line: Khalifa stores
  • Weight (kg): 0.45


No 1 Fertility Supplement which is 100% natural without side effects>

Grandex Ultimate Woman has a phyto-chemical structure that increases the blood circulation, maintains mental focus and alertness, sharp and retentive mind, sensual sensitivity and by extension promotes pronounced ovulation.

If you want to keep looking young, or you need to Boost your Fertility (ie Get pregnant) This Purely Natural Supplement is for  you. It has no Side effects. This is a unique product of endogen formulations that bring female hormones to equilibrium and heightens ovulation, increases blood circulation, increases libido and maintains sharp focused mind and increases alertness thereby heightening sensual sensitivity and climax orgasm, removing frigidity in women to allow that much needed wetness during sex. also makes it easy for conception to take place. This drug Corrects hormonal imbalance in women, Increases blood circulation, Increases sensual sensitivity in and around the female sexual organs, Heightens orgasm, Promotes ovulation, Increases mental focus and alertness,Promotes retentive and sharp mind, Relaxes the nerves and removes stress. If you desire any of the above, then Grandex Ultimate Woman is for you.

Guaranteed Effectiveness. Effect can be seen within first few days of use in terms of Libido, for fertility, use for average of 60 days. Adjusts hormone and prolactin Levels

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